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Scleral Lenses in the Hamilton Area

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Ancaster, ON L9G 3K9
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Hours & Location
Home » Hours & Location » Scleral Lenses in the Hamilton Area

Scleral Lenses in the Hamilton Area

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Have you been told that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses? Is your vision deteriorating because of Keratoconus or other corneal conditions?

Scleral Lenses may be what you need.

Scleral lenses are custom contact lenses that can enable you to use contact lenses for the first time.

What are the advantages to wearing scleral lenses?


Better Protection and Easy to Wear

Because of their design and shape scleral lenses are much more wearable protect your eyes a whole lot more than traditional contact lenses. They don’t move around as much as regular contacts, which means a lot less irritation.


Treat Keratoconus, Dry Eye and Other Eye Conditions with Scleral Lenses

Your cornea is that dome-shaped transparent layer at the front of your eye and it enables you to see by directing light into your eye. However, if your cornea starts bulging out like a cone and becomes thinner you have keratoconus. Because it changes the shape of your cornea, light rays gent bent out of focus, which distorts and makes your vision blurry. This can negatively impact your quality of life as many regular daily activities such as driving and reading become increasingly tough.

At Ancaster Scleral Lens Centre we fit you with scleral contact lenses that can effectively correct problems resulting from Keratoconus.


Better Vision Means a Better Quality of Life

The large size of a scleral lens means they give you greater durability, easier handling and a lower risk for complications. The Ancaster Scleral Lens Centre provides custom scleral contact solutions that are sure to enhance your vision.


End dry eye with Scleral Lenses

Millions of Canadians suffer from dry eye syndrome. If you are one of them, scleral lenses may be the right option for you. Scleral lenses don’t irritate the cornea as other contacts do and their design ensures constant hydration for your eye. Additionally, you can continue using preservative-free eye drops or artificial tears to lubricate the eye during lens wear while letting your eyes gain a healthier appearance

If you struggle with dry eye syndrome and have been looking for a more effective treatment method than just eye drops and artificial tears our scleral lens optometrist Dr.Vikram Singh can assist you.

Scleral Lenses can help with the following eye conditions  including:

Post LASIK eye surgery complications
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy
Corneal Ectasia
Macular dystrophy
Sjogren's Syndrome
Trauma to the cornea