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2WIN | Refractometer and Vision Screener

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2WIN by EyeROBO is a mobile vision screening system that easily detects myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and factors that could cause lazy eye (amblyopia).

This handheld vision [analyzer] works in natural conditions, with both eyes open to assess not only refractive errors, but also ocular alignment, pupil diameter, pupil distance, and the gaze direction and focusing status of both eyes.

How Does 2WIN Work?

During an eye exam, the optometrist holds the 2WIN device about a meter away from the patient’s eyes. The patient is instructed to focus on the device, which looks similar to a camera.

Then 2WIN conducts a fully automated vision analysis in a matter of seconds, and provides easy-to-read results that the optometrist can assess in real-time.

The results can be shared digitally or printed out and given to the patient, if desired.

Special Features of 2WIN

The 2WIN is suitable for patients of every age, from birth to senior citizens, as well as individuals with special needs, where traditional vision [analyzers] might not be effective.

2WIN is a fun and easy to use device that makes it easier to perform these vision tests on children. The child can choose which mask they’d like the 2WIN to wear and then receive a matching sticker after the exam!

Additional features of 2WIN include analysis of corneal reflexes, dynamic pupillometry, lens centering and intermediate distance application.

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