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Should I be Concerned about Blue Light?

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In today's world, we spend the majority of our time in front of a screen at a close distance. Whether it is at work in front of a computer screen or at home during our leisure time in front of a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

As a society, we do not yet know the long term affects that this will have on our general health and the health of our eyes.  What we do know is; shortwave length blue and purple light is harmful to our eyes and this is the reason we protect our eyes from the sun!

So, why not protect our eyes from the harmful effects of this blue light that we get from our devices?

Wearing sunglasses when we are indoors looking at a device is impractical, however we have other options.  At our office, we have two coating which help block out bad blue light, Seecoat Blue (Nikon Lens) and Recharge (Hoya Lens).  These both block out a portion of the harmful shortwave length blue and purple light.  Now, we do not want to cut out blue light entirely as that would have a deleterious effect on our sleep patterns and vision.  However, about a 30% reduction helps with our sleep patterns and cuts out a lot of the harmful blue light.  As well, this amount of reduction will not affect our vision and the way we perceive colours.

There are other ways to help reduce the amount of exposure to harmful blue light, but this involves reducing the amount of “screen time” which is hard in a world where we all work on screens and live on our smart phones.

If you have concerns about blue light or would like more information please feel free to contact our staff and doctors at Ancaster Family Eyecare