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Visiting Annunciation of our Lord in Hamilton Ontario

Ancaster ON eye doctor community

Dr Singh, Dr. Maharaj and Fribbit were visiting Annunciation of our Lord in Hamilton Ontario last week.  They were giving a presentation to JK kids about the Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) program! We would like to remind everyone that kids under 19 are covered for eye exams by OHIP yearly and if they are in JK they are eligible for a free pair on spectacles at a participating ESEL office!  Approximately 80% of learning is through our visual system, thus it is so important for children to have their eyes examined before entering school and definitely in JK.  Unfortunately, we know about 1 in 4 children have a problem with their visual system and are thus hindered in their ability to learn.

The Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) program is a partnership between the Ontario Association of Optometrists (eye doctors), the Provincial Government, Nikon (lenses) and OGI (frames).

It is recommended that a child’s first eye examination should be an infant examination at 6 months of age and then every year thereafter until the age of 20.  An exam can be done with your child whether they know their letters(alphabet) or not.  We also cannot forget that an integral part of a pediatric eye examination is checking their ocular health, to ensure the child vision is good today and that it will remain so in the future.

Our office offers same day or next day appointments for all ocular emergencies for children, whether they are suffering with “pink eye” or have had an injury.  This saves time spent in waiting rooms either at the ER or the walk in clinics.  As well, for “pink eye” our doctors can correctly determine the cause, whether it is a viral or bacterial infection, an allergic reaction or inflammation from a systemic condition.

If you have any questions about pediatric eye care or the ESEL please feel free to contact our office.